Bike Fit Services


Single Bike Fit - £160

Our standard single bike fit will ensure that you can find a comfortable position on the bike. Using our motion capture and Leomo technology we will help you to find an efficient and powerful position on the bike.

During the session, we will observe a basic physical analysis off the bike to screen for any physical limitations that might be hindering your comfort on the bike. We will also optimise the shoe and cleat set up to better improve your stability on the bike.

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This session includes:

  • 3D motion capture 

  • Leomo Accelerometer analysis

  • Pedal analysis

  • Cleat Positioning 

  • Personalised fit report 

Frame Finder -195

Based over 2 sessions Frame Finder is our best value service by far. Frame Finder is a service specifically created for helping customers determine exactly what frame and components they need before purchase. Using our Shimano Fit bike we find your ideal position and then compare it to the bikes you are interested in. After we settle on Frame size we dial in the contact points to make sure you buy the right thing first time. This session could be used to determine which bikes will best suit you if you have a few in mind, or even to create a custom frame.

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This session includes:

  • Dynamic Fit Bike mimics any frame and any size

  • Information on ideal contact points including, Saddle, Seatpost, Bars, Stem, Cranks, Shoe and Pedal selection

  • Redial included on new bike frame 

  • Geobiomized pressure mapping

  • Personalised Fit Report 



TT/Tri Bike Fit - 180

Using our motion analysis technology, we will set out to create the most powerful position you can hold for your given event and combine that with our aerodynamic profiling knowladge. Working through a process of feedback loops and data analysis on the bike in addition to physical examinations off the bike, we will determine the best position for your event.

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This session includes:

  • Motion capture 

  • Leomo Analysis

  • Cleat Positioning 

  • Personalised fit report

Premium Fit - £350

Our Premium fit will seek to gain a comprehensive understanding of your physical capabilities over two sessions. Using all of the tools at our disposal, we will help you achieve your best position on the bike. After discussing your goals for the fit, we will begin with a detailed physical assessment in our studio using the Functional Movement Screen protocol.

Using the results from our Retül motion analysis, in addition to the Leomo Type-R and our FMS, we will help you to develop a plan to achieve your goals for your bike position

In order to achieve the best possible position, it will be necessary to make some adjustments to account for your newfound physical abilities in the return appointment.

This session will last approximately 6hrs across two sessions.

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This session includes:

  • 3D Motion capture 

  • Geobiomized pressure mapping

  • Cleat positioning 

  • Functional Movement Screen

  • Pedal Stroke analysis

  • Leomo Type-R

  • Complimentory Superfeet Insoles

  • Personalised fit report and goal setting